I like to get things done. I’m not a “list-maker” but I have an agenda and a timeline for myself and I like to hit my marks. Once I’ve gotten started on a project, I like to finish it efficiently and will frown on anything that prevents me from doing so. That said, it’s no wonder that I’ve lately been getting a lot of opportunities to examine my attachment to my self-imposed schedules.

I knew I should get up from my desk and move around a bit but I was so focused on completing this task that I ignored the reminder I set up on my handy smartphone to stand up, stretch, drink some water and walk around for a few minutes. Even though I knew it was in my best interest to heed the reminders, I wanted to finish this one step of the project and was so close that I just refused to listen. There was no boss or supervisor or client breathing down my neck, pressuring me to make a deadline. I was doing this to myself. I own that.

When I turned the reminder off for the fourth time, Felix, our big, loveable, rescue cat jumped up in my lap and began licking my chin. He’s so big that I can’t reach my computer when he’s in my lap and I nudged him aside.

“I don’t have time for this right now, buddy. I’ve got to get this done, “ I said impatiently. But he wasn’t having any of that. He squirreled back around in my lap and licked my chin again. Maybe there was a way to keep working even with him perched there facing me intently – purring, licking, moving his head to be in front of me whichever way I looked – but it didn’t seem to work and I finally gave up.

“Okay, you win,” I told him as I resigned to his show of affection and love. And as I’m sitting there basking in this impromptu loving, my mild irritation melts away and I’m able to let myself just enjoy this moment – to absorb all the love he’s giving and to return it all back to him. I’m relaxed and smiling and whatever I was doing a few moments ago doesn’t seem so vitally important now.

Felix stays on my lap for a few more minutes – not long – purring contentedly – then he jumps down and walks a few steps away, turns, sits and gazes at me as if I were the greatest thing in the world and I realized what a gift I’d been given! This huge outpouring of love – genuine, unadulterated, BIG LOVE – right in the middle of my day! Wow!

Where I’d been focused and determined now I was blissful and energized and open. I got up from my desk, walked around the house a bit, got some water and returned to my desk. There was my task, patiently waiting for me. Unchanged. I took it up again with a renewed enthusiasm and fresh outlook. Knowing that there are no accidents and that the Universe is always supporting me and providing me with better and better tools to live my best life, I thanked Felix for his big love and Wisdom and insistence that I listen to the Universe telling me stay open and aware, especially to Love and self-care and sharing and that there is no “inconvenient time” for anything. Things happen when they happen and it’s my job to listen and participate in the moment and be aware.

As I sit here typing on a keyboard largely obstructed by a large, affectionate cat – I invite you to be open to life’s “interruptions” and I think it’s time


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