I am grateful to have received such a positive response to the article in last week’s newsletter. I appreciate all the support and encouragement as I also appreciate the criticism and differing opinions that were expressed when the article was shared outside our community.

There were folks who disagreed with me because they thought I was being too lenient and was sympathizing with the Rowan County Clerk. There were people who disagreed with me because they felt I was not taking a forceful stand, that I was being passive and ineffective. They felt that any position that was not in fierce opposition to Mrs. Davis and everything they believe she stands for was the wrong side of the fence. And there were the people who just plain thought I was wrong because they support Mrs. Davis and they cannot hear anything that might differ from that stand. There was opposition to things I actually wrote as well as opposition to things I never addressed at all. I respect the right each person has to his or her beliefs and I am grateful to everyone who shared with me.

It was an interesting experience and one I am very thankful to have had – from start to finish. I’m grateful for the feelings that prompted the writing, the sharing, the encouragement, the support, the discussions and the opportunity to examine my ideas and beliefs. It opened my heart up to look at the way I communicate my beliefs and opportunities that I have in that arena. It opened me up to the way we, as a community, listen to each other and where we come from when someone disagrees with us, or when we think they do – and when they agree with us, or we think they do.

As a child, my heroes were the characters in the comic books and movies who rigidly stood by their beliefs and standards, never questioning, never wavering in their resolve. Today, I am much more appreciative of the notion that constant questioning and examination are the heroic path – always looking at what you believe and why you believe it – because we live in a constantly changing and evolving world and there are no rigid, hard-and-fast rules anywhere. Disagreement is the easiest way I’ve found to practice that examination and flexibility. It is a blessing and I am grateful for it.

Peace and Blessings.


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