Hello, Monday! I call it Monday but it’s actually a whole new day that’s unique and has never happened before and will never happen again and I am grateful to be alive and making my slice of it the best it can be. I’m grateful for a good night of uninterrupted sleep, for waking inspired to live this day, for strong, hot coffee that’s willing to jump start it for me, for the music that is the creation of that coffee – from the click of the stove knobs as they rotate into place, the grinding of the beans, tapping the extra grounds out of the well to the whistling tea kettle as it boils on the stovetop – all music! I’m grateful for a wonderful class tonight and willing and engaged students, for my dear spouse and long, insightful talks with her, for my family, my friends, all the birds and squirrels and dogs and cats that brighten my day with their joy of living. I’m grateful for my next breath, my next thought, my next heartbeat. What are you grateful for today?


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