Happy Friday! It’s a warm, windy, winter morning and I am grateful to be right here, right now living it! I am enjoying watching the branches in the trees outside the window as they gracefully dip and bow to the wind caressing them as she rushes past. There is so much movement and it is all so coordinated and perfectly choreographed – I am grateful to be swayed by this rhythmic grace as I sit in my stationery chair watching. I’m grateful to see the tops of the trees burst into color as the earth rolls around revealing the sun to only the very tallest among us and I’m grateful for the playful squirrels darting in and out of that light as they do their daily acrobatics. I’m grateful for my dear, sweet wife and our life together knowing that entity that is the relationship between us is the best of me. I’m grateful for inspiration and prayerful support and feeling connected! Life is good and I am grateful. What are the things you love? What are the things that make you smile? Or that you look forward to? Thank them for being in your life today.


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