It is a gorgeous, late winter morning and I am grateful to be alive and living it! I’m grateful for the warm, morning sun contrasting with the cool, frosted earth, for the birds and squirrels scampering and flitting in the yard and trees. I’m grateful for the glorious feeling of the sun on my face when the air that embraces me is chill and cold, for healthy food, clean water, a body that likes to move and gets me around so well, for sharing information, for help and support every way it shows up. I’m grateful for generosity and kindness and love and how it is accessible to all of us even if we don’t define it the same way or recognize it the same way. I’m grateful for lids that fit containers correctly, a dishwasher that works well, safe, reliable cars, my customers and my clients, my camera, my computer, doors that open and close easily regardless of the season and all of the little things that perform their tasks so flawlessly that I barely notice. I’m grateful for a day with my wife and how much fun we have together, for sharing laughter and inspiration and intentions with each other. Thank you, Life! My life is full and rich and good and I am grateful. What are you grateful for today?


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