It is a warmish, grayish late, late winter morning in the Bluegrass and I am grateful to be alive! I am grateful to be getting my bearings again after a few days of disorientation, for familiar surroundings and rest. I’m grateful for the University of Kentucky Medical Center and the incredible staff there, for Dr Ueland and his beautiful face telling me good news, for Nurses Nicole and Melissa, Tammy and Amy, Debbie, Molly and for Gail and all the techs and aides who made our brief hospital visit comfortable and safe. I’m grateful for my sister, Mollie, my dear friends, Pat and Soni and Louise, for my amazing spiritual community who holds us in light and love, for the gift of yummy food prepared with love and a late evening run to the store. I’m especially grateful for my sweet wife who really knows how to recover well and in good humor. She’s a trooper and I am grateful. Thank you, Life! What are you grateful for today?


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