Good morning, Saturday! It’s a gray, shadowless morning in central Kentucky – a morning where all things are illuminated equally and the tops of the pine trees are not favored with the first golden light. Cool, infrequent breezes flutter through tender new leaves and buds and leave a quiet stillness in their wake. I am grateful to be alive, awake and aware this morning – to connect with my surroundings and to see everything clearly. I am grateful for our deck, my watchtower over all the goings on in the world that is our backyard, for big windows, the acrobatic squirrels and the comically curious cats. I’m grateful for good stories and good movies, the generosity of friends and sharing a bowl of popcorn on the couch with my sweetheart. I’m grateful for prayer and the opportunity to connect with a sweet soul. I’m grateful for a new beginning in every breath, that it is never too late to invest in happiness and love, that our past lives don’t need to define our todays or tomorrows. I’m grateful for every kindness that has ever been shown to me and every opportunity I’ve had to spread kindness and love. What are you grateful for today?


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