Happy Sunday! It’s dark and warm and the day is still shapeless and unknown except in its potential and possibility. Right now, it could be anything and I am grateful to be alive and living it in both faith and wonder – faith that it will be good and beautiful and wonder that I don’t yet know what today’s version of good and beautiful looks like. Right now, I am grateful for the unknown and the known, for waking early and sleeping hard, for a morning walk with my best buddy, for two wonderful green spaces nearby, for Frisbee and mornings’ cooler temperatures, for cleaning and organizing, a couple whirls around the neighborhood on a bicycle, getting things done, organizing and making things easier. I’m grateful for my beloved soul mate and her continued good progress, for our longest walk yet since the surgery, for so many new flowers popping up in the yard and all the research to identify them, for happy homecomings, time with my spiritual community today and all the ways that love and warmth and fun show up in my days. What are you grateful for today?


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