Happy Monday! Happy back-to-work day! I am grateful to be alive and living this day in all it’s gray, shadowless coolness. I’m grateful for the days when the soft light does not so much boldly “shine forth” from the east as much as it gently, yet just as determinedly, “emerges” or simply “appears” from a directionless no where. I’m grateful for lightning and thunder and rain in the night, for sleeping soundly in a cool room, for waking to happy cats and hot coffee and excitement about the day, for the desire to engage and contribute and receive. I’m grateful for a long morning walk around the neighborhood with my best buddy, Grail, and then a second afternoon walk with my spouse and seeing nature’s rapid and abundant increase evident in the tree leaves and the flowers and the scrub plants along the creeks in just a few hours. I’m grateful for inspiration and opportunity, love and hugs and laughter, an amazing spiritual community led by an inspired and beloved minister and her weekly messages that are always just what I need to hear, for sounds of distant giggles of children finding Easter eggs in their lawns and all the ways that Life expresses its Love for all creation. What are you grateful for today?


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