Happy Wednesday! Happy birthday, Mom! I am grateful to be alive right now and I am grateful for everything the woman in this picture did to make that possible. We met when she was 31 years old and it was not the happiest time in her life but she’s a survivor and I am grateful for that. I am grateful for every lesson I learned from my mother, what seemed good at the time and what seemed miserable at the time. I’m grateful for her beautiful hands and every time they were tender with me, her smiles and her laughter, her penmanship and her intellect, her love of reading and puzzles, her aptitude for anything mechanical, her love of gardening and her endless knowledge of trees and plants and all things that spring from the earth, her yeast rolls and homemade bread and homemade doughnuts. I’m grateful for every second of happiness she has ever had and any time I contributed to it. I’m grateful for the sound of her voice and our nightly phone conversations and every single time she tells me that she loves me. My mother is 90 years old today and I am grateful for that. I love her very much and I’m grateful to be her daughter. What are you grateful for today?


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