Hello Tuesday! What a gorgeous start to this gift of a day – the rising crimson in the eastern sky, the clouds that robbed us of frost, the small breezes lifting the tender branches that are getting heavy with new foliage. I am grateful for it all and I am grateful to be alive right now. I’m grateful for looking out the same window all day and never seeing the landscape the same way twice, sunlight changes, cloud cover changes, the color and hue and size and shape of the buds and leaves change constantly – reminding me that Life is not still. There is only right here – right now. I may prefer some views out the window better than others but I try to see the beauty in all of it and my own certainty that there is a divine source perpetually supporting and sustaining the world around me, helps me to see that more clearly. I am grateful for my spiritual community and the beautiful web of love that we have woven between us that connects us and bolsters us in both our sorrow and our joy. I am grateful for all the wonderful ways that love has shown up in my life. What are you grateful for today?


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