Good morning, Thursday! I am grateful to be alive on this great, gray morning. I’m grateful for technology and all the ways it helps us and supports us, for staying connected in so many ways, for ready access to information, for the entertainment of digital books and games, and sometimes for the message that we need to slow down – it’s just going to take as long as it takes – relax. I’m grateful for the break, the opportunity to focus on something else for awhile and realize that whatever I was doing that was so absorbing, is still there waiting for my thoughtful attention, ready to be completed or maybe just continued. I’m grateful for all the feelings that being connected can produce, from joy and fulfillment to sadness and emptiness – they are flip-sides of the same coin – and they both mean I’m tuned in. I’ve showed up. I’ve shared and cared and responded to Life. I’ve loved. I’m grateful for a sky that entertains me daily, long walks with a precious soul – either with my cherished canine companion or my beloved wife – hot coffee in the morning, the option to skip a meal every now and then, my family and the best friends in the world. What are you grateful for today?


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