Happy Friday! Happy bright, chilly, spring morning! I am grateful to be alive right now. I am grateful for sleeping in and opening the curtains to the radiant golds and bright greens and deep reds that is life showing in our backyard. I’m grateful for the early morning sunshine kissing the tops of the trees and making them seem to glow with color and that I awoke and rolled over just at the right moment to see it in all its glory. I’m grateful for being amused now that I could have ever felt un-loved or un-wanted because everything seems to indicate otherwise – from the penny I found on the sidewalk, to the prisms in the window causing rainbows to dance around our kitchen, to the happy smiles of our postal carrier, to the silly wiggles of a dog’s greeting, the loud purr of a cat satified with my adoring snuggles, my mother’s voice on the phone, coffee with my sister, birds chirping happily outside, a squirrel who reminds me to put his peanuts out, the Cardinal perching outside my window, my wife smiling at me. All these things are gifts from a universe that is “for” me and loves me and I am grateful that I see that so clearly now. What gifts have you received today?


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