Happy Thursday! It is a gorgeous day in central Kentucky and I am grateful to be alive right now. I’m grateful to be on the receiving end of one of the famous Felix Lovefests, for nose kisses and head butts, purring so loud it drowns out everything, draping himself over my arms – he will not be denied and I am grateful for it! And then it’s done. I am grateful for the lessons my cat friends teach me like whatever you are doing, do it with your whole heart and soul and when you’re done, be done, move on. I’m grateful for the rich red leaves of the Japanese maple outside my office window, for warmer, longer days, seeing the moon in the midday sky, for generosity and kindness, the joy of giving and the importance of receiving, for quick bike rides around the block when I’ve stared at a monitor for too long, for my wife’s homecoming and the fun of spending time with her. What brings a smile to your heart today?


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