Good morning, Tuesday! It is a great morning to be alive and I am grateful I am! I’m grateful for cloudy days and muted light and shadows, the ease with which details reveal themselves on days like this. I’m grateful for a good night’s sleep and waking to the music of the morning, the melodic voices of birds outside the open windows and the percussive beats of small cat paws thumping on the floor as they move from window to window to follow some particularly interesting bird or squirrel. I’m grateful for the sudden silence of the birds’ song and the drama of what the reason may be – could it be the hawk nearby? If it is, I’m grateful for his growing cover in the leafing trees and that even though I can no longer see my neighbors’ yard for the thickness of the greenery, I can still hear the joyful sounds of children expending their endless energy playing on the trampoline. I’m grateful to overhear a child excitedly tell his parents, “This is the best day ever!” as we hiked through the woods recently. And I’m grateful for friends who share their experience and knowledge and self care practices and how it increases my own experience. I’m grateful for my sweet wife and our happy lives. What are you grateful for today?


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