Happy Thursday! It is Spring in Kentucky and I am grateful to be alive and living it! I’m grateful for a weather forecast with rain in it and that the thirsty plants have something to look forward to. I’m grateful for the thunderstorms that roll up sometimes and getting through them and learning all that they have to teach us and that the world often seems a little brighter on the other side of them. I’m grateful for time with one of my sisters yesterday and her gift of “racing stripes” up my Achilles tendon and for her knowledge and expertise. I’m grateful for people who are enthusiastic and for wisdom from salesman, for healthy food and being able to eat with my conscience intact, for living in such a beautiful place, having the windows open and listening to all the happy, morning sounds, the squirrels racing and twisting through the branches full of tender new leaves and the robins hopping from plump worm to plump worm. I’m grateful for taking two walks yesterday and meeting new neighbors, for laughter and fun, making plans, hot coffee, my sweet wife, my family, my neighbors, my friends and my life. What are you grateful for today?



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