It’s a beautiful, cloudy, gray, wet morning in the Bluegrass and I’m grateful to be alive and living it! I’m grateful to be right where I am, in this gorgeous place full of green and purple and pink and yellow and red and blue and orange and more, for the sound of rain drops dripping from leaf to leaf before surrendering themselves to the thirsty ground, for birds singing their morning songs, squirrel tails twitching, the excitement I feel every time I take a photograph, for my sweet spouse and listening to her snooze alarm in the mornings – always wondering which one will be the last. I’m grateful for our lives together and every second I get to spend with her, for our laughter and affection and fun. I’m grateful for being accepted into our little cat pride and cat kisses on my knees whenever I wear shorts, for my comfy, quirky bicycle and all the healthy fun it brings me, for good food to eat, my friends and everytime they think of me, my family, my nightly conversations with my mother and father and all the love that flows to me so freely. Life is good and I am grateful. What brings a smile to your face today?


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