Hello Thursday! It is a gorgeous Kentucky morning and I am grateful to be alive here and now. I’m grateful for the beauty of the physical world I live in, the wildflowers, the freshly-mown lawns, the trees bursting with greenness, the ribbons of color in the sunrises and sunsets, golden mornings, warm-hued sunsets – the eagerness of the world around me to celebrate life. I’m grateful that the wildflowers don’t know anything about “best,” that they each simply “are.” That they bloom where they are with all their might and in all their glory. I’m grateful for my spiritual community, my spouse, my friends and my family and all the small, yet persistent ways that Life says “Yes,” to me. What are you grateful for today?


2 thoughts on “Thursday 0428

  1. I am grateful for your blog and your posts every day! Your words of gratitude are a wonderful reminder of the many blessings all around me. I especially love your comment today about the “persistent ways that life says ‘yes'”, my blog post tomorrow is about a “Year of Yes”. It’s amazing what life brings you when you stay open! Many blessings to you.

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