Hello Friday! I am grateful for my life and the gift of every breath and heartbeat, for early mornings with the windows open, fresh air and birds singing, salmon-colored skies, the call of geese in the distance moving closer and fading again. I’m grateful for hearing the sound of laughter through the windows, friendly voices of neighbors living their lives, going about their routines, for a mail carrier who zips through the neighborhood but always has a friendly hello and a big smile and a wave, for dear friends who are not afraid to speak the truth and stand up for what’s fair and just. I’m grateful for being greeted with kindness and courtesy most all of the time but when I’m not, I’m grateful for the opportunity to look at what aspect of me recognized and met that negativity on the same level and then the chance to do something about it and I’m grateful for routine and mundane tasks like mowing the grass and folding laundry and the great occasion they afford me to sort through things. I’m grateful for my beloved spouse, my friends and neighbors and family and all the ways life supports me. What are you grateful for today?


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