Hello Wednesday! What a great morning it is to be alive and I am grateful I am! I’m grateful for sleeping soundly in a room cool with fresh night air, the sounds of nocturnal creatures and critters going about their business in the dark, for first light and hot coffee, cats keeping my lap warm, for golden sunlight and dew on the grass, long shadows, Frisbee and walks with a canine friend who takes as much delight in the mornings as I do. I’m grateful for hearing the squirrels scampering across the roof and knowing when to look to see them leap into the Japanese maple outside my window and twist down the branches to the ground. I’m grateful for athleticism and acrobatics and grace and great fun and the opportunity to join in vicariously. I’m grateful for getting the yard mowed in between rains and helping my beloved spouse in the garden, a body that likes to move and still does so with ease, for feeling strong and healthy and happy. What are you grateful for today?


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