Hello Monday! I am grateful to be alive right now. Having spent most all of my weekend in a world that has, up to now, been unknown and very foreign to me – a hopital emergency room – I am very grateful for all of the people who make that vast, incredible machine work as well as it does. It is amazing. I am grateful for the exhaustion I feel and knowing that I don’t have to do it all – that the God of my understanding is showing up as each one of those amazing people – the nurses, the doctors, the techs, the transporters, the administrators, housekeeping, the EMTs, the receptionists, the security staff, the cafeteria staff, my mother, my father, everyone praying for us – all God. All there to support me, my dear mother, my dear father, the incredible soul who is my sister (and the best nurse I know) and my family. I’m grateful for my spouse and my friends and all the love that flows so freely, that holds me up even in those moments I don’t see it so clearly. I am grateful for every prayer and the very personal realization of the power in that prayer. Thank you.


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