Happy Saturday! It is a rainy morning in the Bluegrass and the birds are singing just as happily as on bright, sunny mornings and I am grateful to be alive right here and right now. I’m grateful for the week I’ve spent in the company of hundreds of people who dedicate themselves to the health and happiness of others, the nurses, doctors, techs, administrators, social workers, trolley cart drivers, receptionists, food service staff, housekeeping staff. It works remarkably well and I am grateful for it. I’m grateful for knowing that the strength and power that drive the laws of nature and life are present in, through and as my mother and that she has this great opportunity to access that power in her form now with the help and support of her family and a caring, dedicated staff at a rehab facility that is top-notch. I’m grateful for all the prayers and concern that we have received in this last week and that when I leaned on that support, it was there. I’m grateful for my spouse and the rock that she is for me, for getting to spend time with my sister and working with her, for my whole family and the emotional shelters we provide for each other. I’m grateful for an evening spent with some of my favorite people in the world and the rest and pleasure of some laughter and smiles. I’m grateful for the young man whom I lovingly refer to as my nephew and the wonderful human being he is and his day of celebration of his hard work and making his dreams come true, for his kind nature and big spirit and for all the people he assists and supports now and in the future. I have so many blessings and I am so grateful. What are you grateful for today?


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