Hello Friday! It is another wonderful morning in central Kentucky, cool, crisp air, golden sunlight, birds singing happy bird songs, squirrels acrobatically swinging from limb to limb, flashes of fur, a neighborhood stray cat silently darting between the houses as stealthily as a shadow – the theater of life – and I am grateful to be both audience and star, as well as bit-player and stagehand in my production of this thing called life. I’m grateful for a good night’s sleep and a mug full of hot coffee, for open windows and fresh air in the house, for good work and lots of it, for all the birthdays in May! Wow, so many of my dearest friends celebrate birthdays in May – what a good month for me! I’m grateful for my beloved spouse and her texts from the road, for facetime and all the technology that keeps us connected and in conversation. I’m grateful that God does, in fact, allow U-turns and the small, country church whose sign reminded of this truth. What are you grateful for today?


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