It is a bright, sparkly, musical morning in the Bluegrass and I am grateful to be alive and living it! I’m grateful for open windows and the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a month, for cool air and cool sheets, for falling asleep to the night music and waking to a grand symphony of birdsong. I’m grateful for hitting that “sweet spot” and knowing peace, for the strength to step out of Spirit’s way and be nurtured and supported. I’m grateful for my spouse and my dear friends, my family, my sister, Mollie, and her wisdom and passion and my brother’s calm voice over the phone. I’m grateful for my father and his great love for my mother. I’m grateful for hospitals, nurses, EMTs, doctors, medical technology and all the ways we support each other in living the best life that we can. I’m grateful for love showing up as my parents’ neighbors and all the support of my parents’ community. I’m grateful for the moments when my mother looks at someone she loves and the haze is lifted, the pain falls away, the confusion is gone and there is only love there, love fills the room. Life is good and I am grateful. What are you grateful for today?


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