Happy Saturday! Happy “Little” Sister Day for me! Happy birthday, Mollie! Today I joyously celebrate having a younger sister and I celebrate exactly and specifically who it is! There is no one like my sister and I am blessed. I jokingly call her my “little” sister and even though she is diminutive in size, there is absolutely NOTHING little about her – from her BIG personality to her BIG heart, she is a force of nature and a blessing to every soul she comes in contact with. I am blessed to have this amazing person in my life and I am grateful. I am grateful for all the ways she cares and all the ways she finds to express love and affection, for her good humor and her openness, her keen eye and attention to detail, her sense of fun and her courage and bravery, her ability to get along with anyone and her willingness to do the things that need to be done. I’m grateful for her fearlessness, her good cheer, her boundless energy, her committment to quality, her sweet smile and contagious laughter. I’m grateful for all the shared memories and stories and experiences and lessons – it has been a blast and I am grateful beyond measure! Happy birthday! What are you grateful for today?


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