Hello Wednesday! I am grateful to be alive right now, living this gift of a life! I’m grateful for remembering my wild dreams and the things that come to me when I’m asleep. I’d like to take a little departure this morning and share a dream I had in the wee hours of Monday morning – a dream I’m very grateful to have had.

First, a bit of background information. Before going to bed Sunday night, I had an exchange on Facebook with some friends of friends with whom I have different views. It was a friendly interaction as are most of my exchanges. The subject of the conversation on Facebook was what makes us feel safe. What are the things that we have to have to feel safe? Considering recent events, it was a lively but respectful conversation.

I go to bed in my normal fashion and fall asleep quickly. When I awake in my dream, I’m having a conversation with my spouse and I am asking her, “Are you ready for this? Are you ready for this transformation?” and she is saying that, yes, she is.

“It’s going to be big,” I tell her. “It’s going to change everything.”

“I know,” she says, “but you are up to it. I know you can do this.”

The next thing I know, I am standing in the street in my neighborhood. I’m not on the sidewalk, I’m in the street. I’m looking around and feeling very tall and strong and powerful. I seem to see things from a different perspective than I am used to. I have on clothes that I have not worn before. The colors are primary colors, red and blue with some white. The material is a very heavy canvas-type material, very thick and strong and durable.

I feel amazing. There is nothing I cannot do.

A neighbor walks past me and acknowledges me with a big smile – they have a child or a dog at the end of their arm – I can’t really tell which because in that instant, it suddenly comes to me that the transformation has already happened! I have become the thing that Lynn was so confident I could be!

I am the Neighborhood Super Hero. Ta-da!

At this point, I begin running down the street – feeling my long, strong, graceful strides. A cape unfurls behind me and I continue to move effortlessly and easily. I hear the sound of the air whipping around the fabric streaming behind me and I am fearless! All is well and safe in my world. I am the Neighborhood Super Hero. I’m sure there was heroic music playing in the background.

This continues for an indeterminate time. Running, legs pumping effortlessly, breathing in and out easily, powered by an unseen force – everything is easy and joyous and safe. I pass house after house, smiling neighbor after smiling neighbor. (You know it’s all happening in slow motion, too.) Then suddenly, like a channel changing on the television, I am watching me from a distance – no longer seeing things through my usual eyes but seeing me through other eyes that I know are mine also. It’s like all the camera angles are my eyes and I’ve simply switched cameras now.

I’m looking at myself running down the street as if it’s a street elevation and I’m seeing me from a distance – like a panoramic photo – long and horizontal. I see myself running – running past the houses and the neighbors. I see but it looks very different than how it felt and looked moments ago when I was seeing through the “First Person Camera.” Now it looks kind of comical and I can’t help but chuckle a little. I see a short, over-weight, middle-aged, gray-haired woman wearing clothes that are clearly meant for someone much taller than she is. The pants legs are threatening to overtake the feet at the end of her stubby, short legs – only the steady pumping of her legs keeps the hem at bay but it looks like a losing battle. Her little fists are barely – and only periodically – visible as they pump furiously inside the yards of canvas sleeves. The cape is sporadically whipped up over her head and completely obstructs her vision at times. It looks as if she will pitch forward into a full roll at any moment – small, tumbling ball of energy and motion that she is. Something inside me wants to ask where the archetypal super hero character went – ‘cuz I was feeling her a few moments ago – I am absolutely certain she was here! And then I see her again as the camera angle shifts one more time. I’m back in that shapeless, formless perspective that only knows how it feels – and it feels really good!

I laugh at myself but it is not a bitter laugh. I’m not making fun of myself – but I am laughing. It is amusing to me to see the difference in how I feel or see myself from one angle and how I see myself from another ‘camera’ angle. I am suddenly aware of the love and affection I have for the short, over-weight, middle-aged, gray-haired woman who keeps running around the neighborhood in this dream – seeing herself as ageless, timeless, without limit or restriction, powerful and safe, peaceful and loving, ready and willing to accept the challenges as they present themselves.

I woke up laughing. What a comical sight I was in my dream – over-sized clothes, capes, running the streets! But when I was seeing from the “First Person Camera” – what a glorious feeling it was! Free! Easy – effortless – safe! It is rare in my waking moments to have that difference so clearly defined for me. I am grateful for every blessing this short, over-weight, middle-aged, gray-haired woman body has bestowed on me and I am grateful for the “First Person Camera” that tells me the Truth. What I feel like is my Truth – running free and easy and effortlessly. I am happy, I am safe, I am loved, I am my own super hero.

I am grateful for your time and indulgence, for my sweet wife who always believes in me, for bright, sparkly mornings after evening showers, for blessed rain, a healthy body, hot coffee, good food, great friends and laughter. What are you grateful for today?


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