Hello Saturday! You are a fine example of a late spring morning in the beautiful commonealth of Kentucky and I am grateful to greet you with open arms and open heart! I am grateful to begin this day with cool, clean water, hot coffee and the support of a good night’s sleep. I’m grateful for dear friends and soon-to-be neighbors, dear friends and already-neighbors, healthy food that delights the senses served in an amazingly beautiful setting at the Kentucky Native Cafe, for color and texture and light and dark, every sunrise and sunset I have ever seen, unexpected affection, good stories, imagination and creativity, a fun writing group, sharing and¬†inspiration. I’m grateful for the hurdles and glitches and the new perspectives they offer me, the opportunities to see things from a new angle, to think of things in a way I missed the first (or second or third or…) time around. I am grateful for every obvious and every obscure sign that life is for me. What are you grateful for today?


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