Good morning, Tuesday! I am grateful to be alive right now, living this moment, breathing this air. I’m grateful for bike rides with my sweetheart, finding out I can do things I feared I couldn’t do, good work that I love, jalapeño pretzels, being loved when I’m not loveable, a healthy, happy body that takes me everywhere I want to go, the nurses who care for my mother, my father’s devotion to my mother, people who are real and share their journey even when it’s hard and give everyone else the opportunity to be in community, to support and love and nurture. I’m grateful that behind it all – behind the fear, the pain, the laughter, the anger, the joy, the heartbreak, the confidence, the grudges and the forgiveness, everything – there is an abiding love and profound peace that carries me and all of us – that makes it all possible. What are you grateful for today?


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