Happy Sunday! Happy Brother Day for me! I am grateful to be living and breathing right here, right now. This is my only living brother’s birthday and I am grateful for him, for growing into adulthood with him, for him as competitor, nemesis, running mate, fellow adventurer and friend. I’m grateful for memories of riding our bicycles all over the farm together, for our imaginations, the adventures in our heads and the adventures for real, the family vacations as seen from the back of a station wagon, the highway bingo games, the blanket tents, the planning and scheming and fun. I’m grateful for the amazing person he is today, for his drive and enthusiasm, his positive outlook and attitude, his passion for being a good father and dedication to his family. I am grateful to have navigated childhood with this guy and all the life lessons we learned together. Life is good and I am grateful. What are you grateful for today?


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