Hello Friday! Hello July! I am grateful to be alive on this beautiful first morning in July. I’m grateful to be sitting in a small, cozy office lit only by a computer monitor, with a cat flopped over in the open window, listening to birds chirp and call and sing and squirrels rustle through the heavily-leafed branches of the dense stand of trees, in a corner of my adopted little city, on my planet-of-origin, rolling ever-so-rapidly around toward a gloriously big and bright star and the beginning of this day! I’m grateful for my friends and their love and affection and the way I feel when I hear their voices or their laughter or am around them or when I think of them. I’m grateful for medical technology and science and all the ways that life supports us, for the best neighbors no matter where I live, for my family and my dear, wonderful spouse and all my furry friends, work I love, ideas and inspiration, the best clients in the world and all the ways that I am blessed. What are you grateful for today?


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