I’m grateful for more, always more. As we sit each day with my sweet mother as she passes from this realm to the next, I occupy my anxious father by reading to him about history – ancient history, mostly – because it’s his favorite. I’m grateful to be able to pull information up on my phone (which my dear father simply refers to as Facebook – all things that come off this little box are Facebook – is he telling our futures?), and read to him about things like the Roman Empire, ancient Egypt, the evolution of the hominids. I am grateful to realize in these moments that I tend to think of time in “blocks” or “periods – that my own fascination with history has taught me to chunk things together into ages and eons and periods – and then to look over at my sweet mother and know that time happens in flashes and blinks and breaths. All of time has happened that way, in seconds and milliseconds, nanoseconds – and I am grateful to be awed by the life I’m living and the gifts I’ve been given and the magnitude of this wonderful gift of life. I’m grateful to feel renewed in this thought and once again, grateful to my parents for this lesson and inspiration. Knowing that God truly shows up as my parents and everyone around me, I feel blessed. What are your blessings today?


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