Hello Sunday! I am grateful to be alive on this beautiful summer morning, for a crystal clear sky and the sun shining out from behind massive ventilation systems perched on tarred and gravelled roofs. I’m grateful for the nurses who come in every hour and a half to check on my mom and let my sister and I know she’s alright and my father’s phone calls. I’m grateful for Sunday morning’s peace, my spouse, my friends, my family, technology, my dear, sweet mother’s face and all the lessons and teachers that life provides to support me. What are you grateful for today?


One thought on “Sunday 0717

  1. For knowing you’re in the world, out there savoring the big and small joys and being a loving daughter. For friends (yes! This means you, among others!) who share words that make me tear up and smile at the same time. For having had a wonderful trip to D.C. with my mother, whose memory is a little faulty but whose love is unerring and unending. For a life partner who will be waiting for me at home with two kitties, two strong arms to hug me even through I reek of airplane and airport and hot weather and a laugh that makes me laugh just hearing it. For a home that’s not fancy or filled with things I don’t need, but filled with everything that means the world to me. For being able to share this — thank you.

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