Good morning, Thursday! It is a gorgeous, summer morning and I am grateful to be alive and living it, breathing it in and soaking it up. I’m grateful for the bright sunshine, seeing my neighbors outside, silhouetted in the golden light, sharing smiles, greetings, hellos, and the feelings of community and neighborhood. I’m grateful for being in such a lovely place, surrounded by lovely people, for the condolences, the food, the support, for the sense of “home” I have here. I’m grateful for my father and his strength and convictions, my sister’s strengths and incredibly big heart, all the people who came out on a sultry, hot summer afternoon to share in celebrating the life of my mother on this planet and all the kind words. I’m grateful for holding my aunt’s hand and the comfort of her still firm grip. I’m grateful for eight uninterrupted hours of sleep and the wonders it works in my body. I’m grateful for all this and more, knowing that it is all a gift from that which is my Source and my Supply. I am blessed and I am grateful. What are you grateful for today?


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