Happy Saturday! I am grateful to be alive right here and right now – on a muggy, hot summer morning in central Kentucky, looking out the window of my office and seeing nothing but beauty and greenness, branches lifting their bounty of delicate leaves skyward, celebrating life and light and harmony and abundance. I have much to be thankful for for and I am grateful. For years, I have posted my gratitude daily on facebook, tumblr, my blog and other sites – it has become such a pivotal part of my practice – considering all my blessings daily and then giving thanks for them. I am grateful for all the people who have shared with me how much they enjoy reading my gratitudes – that is a wonderful side effect of sharing. It is the way joy is spread in the world and that is why I share. Today, I am adding a new component to my routine: Intention. Not only will I share my gratitude but I will also share my intentions for the day. I intend to see the goodness in everything today, to laugh and smile, to hug and be hugged, drink plenty of water, eat healthy food, exercise and take care of myself. What do you want to do with your gift of today?


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