Hello Monday! It’s another hot morning in central Kentucky and I am grateful to be alive. Among other things, I’m grateful for air conditioning that works, clean drinking water, warm breezes and shade, for having “Bradley” hair, for all the technology that goes into my being able to hear my father’s and my sister’s voices on the phone each night, for my soulmate and her big heart, for day four and day five and energy to do what needs to be done. My intentions for this Monday are to begin to return to work and a healthy routine, to make a start, take a first step, to support my sister in her new endeavor, to arrange a suitable memorial for my mother with a date and a time, to walk and move my body despite the heat, to recognize as many blessings as I can and share my joy with the people around me. What do you intend to do with your gift of this day?


One thought on “Monday 0725

  1. Great post. I think it’s so useful to think about what you are grateful for each day. I’m writing a weekly post on what I am grateful for and have just written a post on practicing gratitude!

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