Happy Thursday! It’s a rumbly, rainy, summer morning in Kentucky and I am grateful to be living it. I’m grateful for the rain, for living in a beautiful, green place that shows its appreciation for the elements in the most spectacular ways, for growing up on a farm in the country and being able to watch storms roll in. I’m grateful for my spouse and her tender heart, for my family and my father, for opportunity and inspiration and ideas. I’m grateful for good food, prepared with such appreciation and love that you can feel it. I’m grateful for the best friends in the world and all the love that flows to me through them. I am blessed. Today, I intend to live this gift of a day in gratitude and thanksgiving, to appreciate all the tools and resources that make my life easier and better – from the car to the vacuum cleaner to the computer and cell phone to electricity to the pencil. I will use them in gratitude and to improve and better myself and my surroundings. What will you do with your incredible gift of this day?


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