Good morning, Saturday. I am grateful to be alive on this cooler, gray, summer morning. I’m grateful to be in such a beautiful place. I’m grateful to breathe in and feel that breath expand my lungs and energize me. I’m grateful for all the things in life that I take for granted that are not as simple as they appear and are not without effort – clean, running water from a tap – several of them – inside my home, illumination at the flip of a switch or a tug on a string, cool air blowing through vents in the walls of my home, bananas and kiwis on the counter in my kitchen in Kentucky waiting to be peeled, ice that is not melting in a big metal box in the house, safe roads to travel to get me to a grocery where they sell more types and varieties of edible foods than I can think of or consume. Life is amazingly good and I am grateful! My intention for today is to celebrate Life. What will you do with this wonderful gift of a day today?


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