Happy Tuesday! It is a quiet morning after a late-in-the-day summer storm and I am grateful to be alive and living it. I’m grateful for plans and calendars and staying organized, for not knowing what I might be forgetting and knowing that everything happens exactly as it is supposed to happen. I’m grateful for the safe travels of those I love whether its the daily commute or jets crossing the country. I’m grateful for optimism and positive thoughts and sharing, for knowing that things will always get better if that’s what I expect to happen. I’m grateful for Facetime and being able to see my spouse’s smile as she excitedly shares her day with me, for Audible and audio books and good stories in my ears as I move about my day, for technology and innovation and all the ways it makes my life more enjoyable and brings me joy and love. Today, I intend to eat food that supports my healthy body, to enjoy time with friends, to learn something new, to laugh, to relax, to work doing jobs I love to do, to listen to positive messages that inspire me and motivate me, to take up that motivation and not get so caught up in the routine that I neglect the adventure that is in this day. What is your great adventure today?


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