Hello Thursday! It is a beautiful morning and I am grateful to be alive. I’m grateful for the opulent abundance of late summer, the leaves on the trees are the thickest they will be this year – after a summer shower, everything has a healthy plumpness to it that indicates a season well-lived, the earth responds to the life it is given by living it as completely as it possibly can. I am grateful for this cycle of life and its repetition and re-enactment and re-creation in all things. I am grateful to live in a place that has four distinct seasons. I am grateful for medical technology and all the ways it supports us, for all the innovations in procedures and processes that improve and expand our ability to live the best lives we can. I am grateful for safe travels and happy homecomings, good self-care, the best friends in the world, my family, my dear spouse, sweet texts that brighten my day and holding hands. Today, I intend to love my work even more than I do now, to exercise my body and support it with the best medical technology available, to smile at every person I see and be kind in my thoughts and actions, to go to bed tonight satisfied with the way I spent this gift of a day. What do you want to do today?


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