Hello Friday! It’s another misty morning in the Bluegrass and I am grateful to be living it. I am grateful for the shorter, hotter days of late summer, feeling the cool air in the mornings and the warm breezes envelope me as I walk in midday, for coolers full of ice water strapped on the back of pick up trucks, for sweat rags and sunglasses. I’m grateful to live in a place that has four beautifully distinct seasons – cold winters, bright springs, hot summers and crisp autumns. I’m grateful to be in the right place at the right time and spy a spectacular sliver of a moon last night, suspended over a spent sunset, still shimmering orangish, maroonish memories of the brilliant light show that was the setting sun. I’m grateful for family – especially the families I have chosen over the course of my life – the people who have changed my life and supported me and cared for me and about me. I am grateful to call some truly beautiful people “friend.” I’m grateful for healthy food that’s tasty and for neighbors who share, food that is prepared and offered with love, the safe travels of my beloved spouse and having her home again, for a playdate today and new adventure. I am blessed and I am grateful. Today, I intend to say, “Thank you,” at every opportunity, to look into people’s eyes when I’m with them and to laugh and love and hug. What will you do with this gift of a day?


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