Hello Saturday! It’s a cloudy morning in my little corner of central Kentucky – cloudy and cool and still. I am grateful to be alive this morning, to wake up and breathe in the morning and all the potential of this day, for my feet to hit the floor, hot coffee in my favorite cup, a glass full of cool, clear, clean water, finding an overlooked shot of a purple coneflower – my favorite, if you hadn’t noticed – anytime purple and orange appear together and the luxury and gift of quiet time to sit and count my blessings and all that I have to be grateful for. I’m grateful for inspiration that flows to me, the opportunity to act on that inspiration and the joy of creation, whether it’s creating a piece of art or a website or a logo or making the yard tidy, making a comfortable spot for a beloved cat to curl up or making someone smile – creation is an incredible blessing and gift. I’m grateful to know the joy of creating. I’m grateful for time with my sweet spouse and her presence in this house again, for new, safer playgrounds and the energy of four and five year olds, for children’s laughter and enthusiasm and curiosity. Today I am going to enjoy myself, to take care of myself – to eat well and exercise, to love and be loved, to spend time with my friends, to call my father and listen to his voice and to give thanks for all my opportunities. What are you grateful for today?


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