Hello Tuesday. I am grateful for the air I breathe this morning, for a cup of strong, hot coffee that is so pleasing to me that it is like a special treat, for photos and textures and succulents. I’m grateful to live so close to the county extension office and all the interesting things that happen there, for master gardners who teach and grow and donate their time and know how, for an open field in the middle of town, for our wonderful parks and the people who maintain them. I’m grateful for my bicycle and the fun it is to get around on it, for a healthy body that has its own wisdom, for little wooden sticks with graphite in the middle of them and thin sheets of wood pulp and the joy of doodling. I’m grateful for my spouse and my friends and my family, that people think of me and take me into consideration, for the passage of this thing we call time and for hugs given and hugs received. And with all these gifts and more, I intend to learn something new today, to make a conscious effort to expand my sphere of availability. What will you do with your day today?


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