Happy Wednesday! It’s a warm start to a late summer day in central Kentucky and I am grateful to wake up and draw fresh, clean air into my body and live this day! I am grateful for good news – great news, really – for advances everyday in medical technology and treatments, for our human bodies that have an intelligence of their own and are always, always acting to support us. I am grateful for my friends and my family, my dad and his continued ability to navigate life and his continued opportunities. I’m grateful for my sweet spouse and her safe travels, for our fur family and all the ways they entertain us and show us love, the cuddling and purring and companioning, for a lovely house with lots of flowers and plants, the texture and color in my surroundings, for thoughtful, nurturing neighbors whose first impulse always seems to be, “help and assist,” and to be the beneficiary of that help and assistance. I’m grateful for my wonderful clients and the mutual support and prosperity that is born of our collaboration. Today, I intend to use the gift of life that I have been given to create something fun, to support my friends and my clients on their jouneys, to support my community, to offer prayer to anyone who requests it and to think well of everyone who comes into my awareness. What are your plans for the day?


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