Happy Thursday! Happy 224th day of the year 2016! Hot, late summer mornings like this bring  days gifted with warm breezes and dramatic sunrises, the constant possibility of showers and dramatically bold clouds that alternately claim and relinquish the sky throughout the heat of the day. I am grateful to be alive this day. I’m grateful for short pants and sandals, sunglasses, short hair, sweat rags and shade. My day is blessed with phone calls from my dad, cats who follow me around the house purring, dogs who greet me with wagging tails and happy smiles, lots of exercise, amazing clients and friends, a sweet spouse, healthy food, creative work that I love to do and adventure – and I am so grateful for it all. Today, I intend to do something intentionally that will make someone’s day a little brighter – I don’t know what it is yet but the perfect opportunity will come to me and I will take it! What are you doing with your gift of this day?


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