Happy Friday! It’s hot, no doubt about it, and I am grateful for hearing the familiar sound of the fan on the air conditioner as it whirr-r-r-r-r-s into action even at 5:30 in the morning. I’m grateful for all the machines and equipment and systems that cool or warm my house as needed, bring fresh, clean water to me, light the darkness, power up the oven and my computer, charge batteries, preserve food and just generally make my life easy and comfortable. I’m grateful for my friends and continued good news and good energy, for meals together and laughter and love and smiles. I’m grateful for another day spent doing the things I love to do, for precious time with clients and collaborating and creating, for being productive and satisfied, for my dear spouse and an office day for her – which means lunch together, and I’m very grateful for that and every moment we spend together.

Today, I intend to start a fun project that can’t be completed in a day – that will make me smile inside each time I resume working on it. I intend to eat healthy food and drink plenty of water and exercise and support the health of my body; to take breaks and relax and regroup and take care of my mind; to meditate and laugh and hug and kiss and give thanks and take care of my soul. What will you do with this gift of a day?


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