Hello Sunday! It’s a cooler start to the day this morning and I am grateful for it. I’m grateful for the hint of morning’s golden light swelling up in the tops of the trees when I look up and out my office window this morning, for knowing that it is the hint of more loveliness to come, for knowing that Life feeds that beauty to me in just the right amounts so that I can savor it. I’m grateful for a Saturday filled with fun, from an informative webinar to start the day, to a bike ride to floating in a pool with friends and filling the space with laughter and sharing. I’m grateful for the promise of this day, and just like the faint light at the tops of the trees lets me know there’s a brighter light coming, the peace of this quiet time this morning promises me more Love and more Peace coming to me as the day stretches out. My intention for today is to relax and enjoy the people around me and places where I find myself, to abandon any agenda I might be tempted to enforce and just let Life be the gift that it is, to laugh, to love, to listen, to live. What does your day look like?


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