God is the all-inclusiveness of Life, a powerful, personal presence that operates in me, through me and as me. As this is the Truth as me, and knowing that there is no thing outside of God, I know this is the Truth of ALL things. This Godness is all-powerful and all-present and all-knowing, constantly creating out of Itself and never consumed by Its creation – never diminished or lessened in Its perpetual creation. It is always expanded and increased and prospered in every idea and activity. And as this is the very Law and Nature of this Truth, I know that Godness claims me, created me, lives and breathes as me – and that I am expanded and increased and prospered as the very Life that God is.

There is no lack, limitation or restriction in that One Life and there is no lack, limitation or restriction in the Truth that lives as me. As that Truth wants nothing more than to shower me with Its Goodness and Its Love, Its Abundance in all that I do, Wholeness in all that I am, Harmony in all that I touch and Beauty in all that I see, I need to do nothing more than to open my heart and my hands and accept that goodness. I claim my good today. My Source fills my heart with Love and Grace and I live without limit right now. I live my life open at the top, seeing the Truth in all things, feeling the energy of the One coursing through me as I remain open to receive and then let that divine energy flow from me like a river without end. I accept my good and see and affirm It in everything around me knowing there is no separation or division in that One perfect Life – I celebrate my connection with all that is.

I give thanks for the this wonderful Truth and affirm it is so by releasing this prayer confidently into the Creative Law knowing it is already so.

And so It is.


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