Hello Wednesday! I am grateful to wake up from a good night’s sleep and breathe clean, fresh air into my lungs, stretch my body and feel tingly as energy flows to all the muscles and tendons and cells and atoms that make up me in this world. I’m grateful for meeting new friends and making plans for adventure and fun, for all my friends and neighbors, the furry and the smooth – for long walks, big cuddles, purring and lint brushes. I’m grateful for healthy food and being reminded of all the goodness that brings that food to my table. I’m grateful for my sweet spouse and her happiness, her dedication to bettering people’s lives and her gentle thoughtfulness. I’m grateful for my dad and his adaptability and creativity and our daily phone calls. Life is good and I am grateful. My intention for today is to carry on with Joy in my heart, to get to the next step and then to take it, to do the next thing that makes sense and to have a good time doing it, to eat good food, drink plenty of water, exercise and move my body, to hug someone – or better someones, to laugh and appreciate something new about my life. What’s your plan for the day?


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