Good morning, Thursday! It’s the 231st day of the year. In 2007, it fell on a Saturday and it was the first day in a long string of very, very hot days that the temperature stayed in the low 80s. It was sunny with a few clouds dotting the skies. Some of the people I love most in the world gathered on top of a hill overlooking Crooked Creek and celebrated my commitment to my dear spouse and her commitment to me. We ate the most marvelous carrot cake that day and that night we sat outside under fairy lights hung from the porch rafters and laughed and broke into spontaneous singing and loved life. I am grateful for this memory and so many more since then. I’m grateful that I’m able to legally marry my soulmate today and that I have done exactly that. I’m grateful for dear friends and my family, a healthy body that likes to move, lots of energy and lots of ideas. Today, I intend to move my body, to ride my bicycle and feel fit and have fun, to open my heart and examine my plans for my life, to look at my opportunities and to take action to get to where I want to be while appreciating and enjoying where I am right now.


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