Hello Friday! It’s a foggy morning in central Kentucky and I am grateful to be alive aware and feeling my life. I’m grateful for an evening sitting on a porch in the dampness that foretold the fog, for an ever-so-slight chill in the air, for living in a great neighborhood, for city parks and happy dogs and dear friends. I’m grateful for my sister and my father and my whole family and our support and love for each other, for my spouse and my practitioner, for wise words and counsel and for my journey and how interesting it is to me, for how much I like this path I’ve chosen and for whatever happens next. I’m grateful to be in recovery from sentimentality and to always be seeking the balance between hanging on and letting go. I’m grateful for the sting of missing the physical aspect of my mom and also to be aware that she is with me without restriction now, that she is Joyful and pain and worry free. I am blessed and I am grateful. Today, I intend to have a wonderful day creating something that brings me happiness and prosperity, to spend time with my sister, two wonderful dog friends and a whole lot of people friends. And to tell my spouse how much I love and respect her. What are your plans for the day?


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